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Eckart Introduces Phoenix Xt

December 7, 2005

Eckart Introduces Phoenix Xt
Pearlescent Pigments
Eckart has introduced Phoenix XT weather-resistant pearlescent pigments for exterior powder coating applications. Phoenix XT silver white pearlescent pigments are made of thin platelets of natural mineral mica coated with a thin layer of metal oxide (titanium dioxide). By coating the pigments with an additional stabilizing metal oxide layer, the pigments achieve excellent weathering resistance, according to the company. The Phoenix XT range includes five silver-white pearlescent pigment grades with D50 micron ranges of 4-8, 8-12, 18-22, 29-41 and 52-65. These pigments can be formulated to achieve many kinds of optical effects including silky gloss, fine brilliant, brilliant, glittering and crystalline sparkle. More info: Eckart America Corp., (877) 754-0001; Web: www.eckart.net.

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