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Insl-x and Eliokem launch a joint promotional campaign

By Tim Wright | March 9, 2006

Insl-x Superior Coating Systems and Eliokem have formed a joint promotional initiative to promote Odorless Primer/Sealer, Insl-x's low odor stain killer. Responding to the industries demand for lower VOC emissions, Insl-x's newest generation of Odorless Primer is formulated with Eliokem's proprietary Plioway resin.

The odorless solvent-based primer is ideal for priming interior surfaces, requiring less air turnover/renewal than traditional solvent-based primers, according to Insyl-x. The fast dry characteristics allow for same day top coatings and the low odor makes it useful as a stain blocking primer in occupied buildings.

"Odorless Primer/Sealer will keep the job moving when you cannot close an office, a school or relocate a group of patients just to avoid unpleasant primer fumes," said Don Muller, vice president of sales and marketing, Insl-x. "This product not only produces virtually no odor itself, it dries in 30 minutes and sprays beautifully. This new generation, solvent-thinned primer is so efficient at blocking stains and odors that we can even recommend it for fire restoration."

"The use of the Plioway logo is the signature of a coating that meets high quality and performance standards," said Steve Wilson, Eliokem's coating resin marketing manager. "We do not just give the logo to anyone. In order to protect the integrity of the logo, Eliokem has defined performance specifications based on many years of experience in the coatings market. Only coatings that pass our rigid specifications will be permitted to use the Plioway trademark for promotional purposes."