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Research Inc. Introduces high

April 5, 2006

Research Inc., a manufacturer of electric infrared heating components and integrated heating systems, has introduced the newly improved ExtrudeIR model 4069E. The ExtrudeIR model 4069E curing system uses high intensity infrared lamps and polished aluminum reflectors to deliver heat where it is needed for many curing and drying applications on extrusion lines. It can be used to provide a surface cure to rubber extrusions, dry adhesives and coatings on rubber or metal, and provide in process curing between layers of multi-layer cable. This system includes the model 4069 ChamberIR heater, an operator interface pedestal with a Watlow PID controller, a split quartz liner, height adjustment with plus/minus 15 degrees of tilt off horizontal and convenient connection points for power, water and air. Optional features include an optical pyrometer to monitor product temperature, product break sensing to shift power down if the line brakes and an air nozzle kit to provide forced air inside the heating chamber to increase efficiencies in curing and drying. More info: Research Inc., (952) 829-8356; E-mail: gmartinson@researchinc.com; Web: www.researchinc.com.