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May 12, 2006

Pugh & Co. International has launched
two new waterborne amine adduct
hardeners for use with epoxy resins as
surface treatments/primers on steel and
other metals. Actan DU15 and DU20
are advanced formulations that show
significant improvements in wet adhesion
and can be over coated after two
hours at ambient temperature, according
to the company. The two products
are 100% water-based formulations that
allow for VOC free coating systems
which will ensure more than compliance
with both EC Directives and U.S. environmental
legislation. Actan DU15 and
DU20 are amine adducts with relative
high H-equivalent weight in aqueous
emulsion. They show good reactivity
with liquid and solid epoxy resins. The
resulting films are tough, hard and flexible
with good water resistance and outstanding
wet adhesion to metallic substrates.
More info: Pugh and Co., +32 2
732 27 77; Fax: +32 2 732 22 33; E-mail: