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Ross Offers Explosion

August 14, 2006

Charles Ross and Son Company offers the Laboratory Triple Shaft -VersaMix with an explosion proof control panel. The new model is completely enclosed and all components are shrouded for safety and to enhance the overall look of the unit. Included as standard features are many components that were once offered as optional features including reverse vertical lift to raise the mix can to mixing position, a self contained explosion proof control panel, single point hook-up, variable speed controls and inverter duty motors, two handed raise and lower controls, sight/charge ports in vacuum cover, jacketed mix can with discharge valve and thermocouple inside of mix can. The VMC model is also available with a new range of optional features including sanitary designs, special benches and vacuum and pressure sealing options. The Laboratory Triple Shaft-VersaMix is designed to mix a wide variety of products requiring a combination of low-speed and high-speed agitation. More info: Charles Ross and Son Company, (800) 243-ROSS; Fax: (631) 234-0691; E-mail: sales@mixers.com.