Raw Materials & Equipment

Myers Engineering

October 20, 2006

Myers Engineering, Inc. has added a quad mixer to its product line. The unit was designed to handle a variety of applications including both heavy viscosities common to this style of mixer and lighter products that have troublesome flow characteristics. The quad mixer was configured with a slow speed sweep blade and three high-speed shafts. Each high-speed shaft has an open axial pumper blade and a disperser blade. Specially designed paddle blades are provided to keep the entire product flow moving downward to increase product circulation and minimize mixing time. The machine is operated via stainless steel, purged NEMA 4 remote control station. Each shaft is individually controlled and managed by the control center. Frequency inverter drives and inverter duty motors are standard to this model, as are explosion proof ammeters on all motors and explosion proof tachometers on all shafts. More info: Myers Engineering Inc., (323) 560-4723; E-mail: sales@myersmixer.com.