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Wolstenholme makes : Henry Brooks

October 20, 2006

Wolstenholme makes
management changes
Wolstenholme International Inc. has recently announced a number of management changes and promotions. Henry Brooks has been appointed president of Wolstenholme Inter-national Inc. (USA). Brooks joined MD-Both Industries in 2000 as vice president sales and marketing, then joined Wolstenholme following the dissolution of the MD-Both joint venture. Prior to that, Brooks was a senior officer in Lawter International, a manufacturer of resins and varnishes.
John Erbeck has been promoted to business development manager for carbon black dispersions and is also Wolstenholme USA’s international sales manger, overseeing the territories of Mexico, Central America and South America. Erbeck joined MD-Both Industries in 2001.
Mark Dingledein has been promoted to technical manager, oil-based carbon black dispersions. Dingledein has significant experience in varnish manufacturing, having previously worked for Akzo Nobel and Alvar.
Dave Barlog has been promoted to production manager for Wolstenholme USA and is now responsible for coordinating the daily production schedules of the company’s oil black dispersion plant, water black dispersion plant, ink manufacturing plant and shipping. He has been with the company since 1997.
Cris LaBarre has been promoted to Wolstenholme USA’s supply chain and purchasing manager. LaBarre will be responsible for scheduling production for the company’s oil black dispersion plant, water black dispersion plant and ink manufacturing plant. La Barre joined Wolstenholme in 2001.