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GE Launches conduction

November 17, 2006

GE Launches conduction
resin for powder coatings
GE Plastics has launched a new line of conductive GTX resins for use in powder coating applications. Noryl GTX resins contain conductive fillers that eliminate the need to apply an electrostatic primer. Because the materials were designed for powder coating operations, conductive Noryl GTX resins can replace metal substrates, offering increased design freedom and eliminating costly pre-treatments. The resins feature conductivity and high heat performance and can be powder-coated simultaneously with metal parts.
The Noryl GTX 674PC resin grade is the first of a full line of conductive resins planned for powder coating applications such as office furniture, marine engine components and non-auto transportation. More info: GE Plastics, (413) 448-6926; Web: www.geplastics.com.

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