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Charles Ross and son

January 17, 2007

Charles Ross and Son Company has introduced a new model of the company’s line of High Speed Dispersers, with several unique features to enable its use in a controlled environment. A dust tight cover with enclosed charging openings contains solids to the mixing vessel. It also includes fixed connections for charging of raw materials direct from bulk solids transfer systems. The mixer also includes 100 psi air/oil hydraulic lift to raise and lower the dispersion head, stainless steel wetted parts, air operated diaphragm pump to discharge mixed material from the vessel, non-sparking caster wheels on mix vessel and special charging hopper. Typical uses for the new dispersion system are for the dispersion of solids such as fumed silica, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, gums, thickeners and pigments. This hydraulic lift design is available in a wide range of sizes from five through 100 HP. Fixed tank models are offered through 200 HP. More info: Charles Ross and Son Company, (631) 234-0500,(800) 243-ROSS; Fax: (631) 234-0691; E-mail:

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