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Alberdingk Boley introduces

February 6, 2007

Alberdingk Boley has launched Albodur, a new product line of 100% solids castor oil-based polyols (COPO) for zero VOC, two-pack flooring applications. Albodur COPOs are based on renewable resources and are hydrophobic in nature. These low viscosity branched polyols are zero VOC and provide coatings formulators the ability to choose from a variety of isocyanates as well as application methods. The Albodur product line can be crosslinked with isocyanates to produce high performance coatings for a variety of applications including commercial and residential flooring with a wide range of hardness and flexibility. The two-pack coatings produced from these polyols are highly chemical- and alkaline-resistant, and suitable for the replacement of epoxy coating systems. More info: Alberdingk Boley, (336) 454-5000.