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Netzsch launches

July 19, 2007

Netzsch-Fine Particle Technology, LLC now offers the Netzsch-Condux Air Classifier CFS HD-S line of high-dispersion, ultra-fine classifiers used to separate particles of any hardness in the range of 1 to 50 µm. The line’s constant radial velocity classifier wheel, high-dispersion air-guide vane ring and spiral coarse outlet path combine for one of the sharpest cut-points. In the CFS HD-S, material is efficiently dispersed very close to the classifier wheel and cannot re-agglomerate. The coarse friction is guided to its own outlet by the spiral design housing and is efficiently classified without remixing with new feed material or existing fines in the air stream. Fines are carried with the classifying air through the patented classifier wheel to a separation cyclone or baghouse. The result is a superior level of classification that produces high yields at high efficiency, according to the company. The product line comprises nine models, including a laboratory version. Optional accessories include stainless steel construction, ceramic or hard metal classifier wheel, automated controls and a wear-resistant design. More info: Netzsch Fine Particle Technology, (484) 879-2020; Web: www.netzsch.com.