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Rohm and Haas offers rheology

October 18, 2007

Rohm and Haas has launched a new KU-building rheology modifier based on new technology developed by the company. Acrysol RM-895 is a solvent-free, nonionic, HEUR rheology modifier that provides viscosity stability upon colorant addition with improved sag resistance and no loss of flow leveling. Acrysol RM-895 rheology modifier is highly efficient and exhibits enhanced viscosity stability to colorant addition when compared to existing HEUR thickeners, according to the company. It provides formulators with sag resistance in tinted paint as well as flow and leveling. More info: Rohm and Haas Company, (215) 641-7633; E-mail: acrane@rohmhaas.com; Web: www.rohmhaas.com.