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SSCP Co. Ltd., Korea takes over SCHRAMM Coatings GmbH

By Tim Wright | November 9, 2007

SSCP Co. Ltd., Korea takes over SCHRAMM Coatings GmbH

The forthcoming acquisition of Offenbach, Germany-based SCHRAMM Coatings GmbH, effective November 16, 2007, is the result of a longstanding and successful collaboration between the two companies in their core automotive industry business in Asia. For this business segment a joint venture was established in Korea in 2005 and in Hong Kong/China in 2007.

The takeover allows SSCP Co. Ltd and SCHRAMM Coatings GmbH to collaborate further strategically and develop technological synergies, which will allow it to gain a stronger global market presence. The Offenbach location will remain in operation with a plan for increased investments in place. In the future, the companies SCHRAMM Spain, SCHRAMM SSCP Korea, SCHRAMM SSCP Hong Kong/China as well as the joint venture SCHRAMM CASHEW in Japan will also belong to SCHRAMM Coatings.

SCHRAMM Coatings GmbH in Offenbach has belonged to the GREBE  Group since 1983, serving worked the GROUP’s business areas related to the automotive industry and their suppliers, the coil coating industry and electro insulation varnishes.

With the sale of SCHRAMM Coatings GmbH by GREBE Holding AG, the companies of the GREBE Group will still belong to the leading manufacturers of industrial coatings throughout the world. Based on the existing, well-established global structures with the German parent companies WEILBURGER Coatings GmbH and WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH, their affiliated companies in Italy, Great Britain, Poland and India, as well as their joint ventures WEILBURGER MANFIELD Limited, Hong Kong/China, GREBE CASHEW (JAPAN) Limited, Tokyo/Japan, PT WEILBURGER Coatings INDONESIA, Gresik (Surabaya)/ Indonesia, PT CASHEW GREBE INDONESIA, Cibitung (Jakarta)/Indonesia, the GROUP will still show their strength in future and further extend current market positions.

The expansion into strategically important markets will remain a primary objective of the Group’s globally oriented marketing strategy.

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