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Thermolon and Shinwoo Trading Company merge

By Tim Wright | January 31, 2008

Thermolon and Shinwoo Trading Company merge

Thermolon, a supplier of non-stick coatings, has merged with Shinwoo Trading Company, the South Korean company that manufactures the coating. Thermolon coatings are completely PTFE-free and, therefore, no PFOA (sometimes known as C8) is used at any stage during Thermolon's manufacture.

During the first phase of the new company, a $15 million investment is planned in 2008 to expand further the production capacity of Thermolon.

Both companies will operate under the umbrella of Thermolon Ltd. and all products will be branded as Thermolon.

The company headquarters is located in Busan, South Korea where they will continue to expand their R&D facilities. The commercial and financial center is located in Hong Kong.