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Michelman launches wax dispersions

March 14, 2008

Michelman launches
wax dispersions
Michelman now offers two wax dispersions that can be used for imparting a matting effect to most aqueous coatings and varnishes. Michem Guard 349 and Michem Guard 350 also offer water repellency, scratch, mar, abrasion and slip resistance. Characterized by a larger particle size, Michem Guard 349 is a non-ionic polyethylene, while Michem Guard 350 is a non-ionic Fischer-Tropsch wax dispersion. Both are solvent-free and are designed to highlight the positive properties of large particle-sized wax and minimize unnecessary interaction from dispersing agents. More info: Michelman, (800) 333-1723, (513) 793-7766; Web: www.michem.com.