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Eurocopter approves ANAC Coating for control surfaces

By Tim Wright | April 23, 2008

Eurocopter approves ANAC Coating for control surfaces

Eurocopter has approved 23T3, a tough high-tech coating from ANAC (Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings), for use on the landing gear of its helicopters. The landing gear on any helicopter is subject to heavy abrasion due to the blast of stones, sand and grit during landing and take-off, so the protective coatings for this area need to be especially tough and impact resistant. Looking to update their coating specification for the landing gear, Eurocopter wanted a topcoat which would meet their demanding requirements for durability and abrasion resistance while providing a VOC compliant solution which met their original specification.

Based on PTFE, a Teflon-type substance, 23T3 is a polyurethane aerospace top coat approved by leading fixed-wing aircraft manufacturers and has resistance to abrasion. It is also resistant to hydraulic fluids, aircraft fuel, engine oil, solvents, water, cleaning compounds and potential staining. As an additional advantage the coating is VOC compliant.

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