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New coatings made from whey protein

September 12, 2008

Vermont Natural Coatings has introduced new high-performance floor and furniture finish made from natural whey protein. In development since 2001 and in collaboration with the University of Vermont, Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey is a high-performance natural finish that offers a low VOC alternative to traditional polyurethane.
PolyWhey is a professional finish—available in floor or furniture formulations—that has reduced VOC levels to less than 180 grams per liter. The nation’s toughest indoor air quality standard is California’s 250 grams per liter. Additionally, the recycled component percentage and VOC content match or beat LEED qualifying levels, according to the company.
Vermont Natural Coatings’ Poly­Whey gets its name and performance from whey protein, a renewable resource rescued from the waste stream that helps the finish improve building air quality without compromising quality. It offers twice the cured hardness and greater per-gallon square footage coverage of typical water-based finishes, the company said. Contractors who have worked with PolyWhey have universally praised the quality of the finish, its workability, and the absence of fumes during application and curing.
“With PolyWhey, we are able to combine Vermont’s tradition for premium products with a manufacturing process based on environmental principals to produce a product whose performance is second to none in its class,” said Vermont Natural Coatings’ founder and president, Andrew Meyer. “With increased attention being paid to the health effects of VOCs and to sustainable manufacturing processes, we believe PolyWhey can serve as a model for the coating industry nationally.”
Vermont Natural Coatings produces all of its floor and furniture finishes in Hardwick, VT and uses local resources whenever possible. Learn more at

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