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Benjamin Moore retail program honored by the Canadian Marketing Association

By Tim Wright | January 29, 2009

Benjamin Moore retail program honored by the Canadian Marketing Association

Benjamin Moore Rewards, a program designed to recognize those on the retail frontlines, was itself recently recognized for its ingenuity and effectiveness. The Canadian Marketing Association cited the initiative at its recent annual awards gala, with Benjamin Moore taking home the Silver Award in the “International” category, a win earned because the campaign is conducted in both the U.S. and Canada.

According to Alistair Linton, director of retail development for Benjamin Moore, the company’s first ever eb-based rewards program has enjoyed significant success as it offers incentive to a store’s sales professionals to sell Benjamin Moore’s new Gennex formulation Aura and Natura paint products. For every gallon sold, the retailer receives a specified number of points. It’s up to the individual retailer to decide and manage how the points are distributed—whether they’re pooled and shared among staff, or each sales professional responsible for the paint sale directly banks them. The points are redeemable for a wide array of fun and valuable gifts, from Starbuck’s and American Express gift cards to plasma screen TVs and Apple iPods.

“The retailer involvement is the true measure of the program’s impact,” said Linton. “Currently we have more than 1,600 retailers participating and we’re approaching $1 million worth of redeemed gift rewards, which represents an enormous amount of paint sold.”

Gorrie Marketing, based in Toronto, a consultant to Benjamin Moore for more than 10 years, helped develop and manages the program. Other CMA winners in the category included AXE/Unilever and Fox Interactive, which took the Bronze prize; and, Frito Lay, which also won a Bronze as well as the top Gold award.