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Cytec offers new UV curable

February 11, 2009

Cytec offers new UV curable
pressure sensitive adhesives
Cytec Industries Inc. has launched Gelva multipolymer radiation (GMR) 8020-02 UV curable pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA). Targeted usage for this 100% solids UV curable PSA includes high performance industrial tapes, automotive instrument panel and electronic assemblies, nameplates, low and high surface energy materials and foam tapes. According to the company, GMR 8020-02 offers an excellent peel-shear balance in comparison to other adhesive technologies. It is designed to require less energy consumption during the curing process and provides a wide cure window for thick deposition coating, even at high line speeds. In addition, GMR 8020-02 improves handling safety and reduces regulatory concerns. More info: Cytec Industries, (973) 357-3100; Web: www.cytec.com.
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