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New Colour Index

March 12, 2009

New Colour Index
for BASF Orange Pigment
BASF has developed a new brilliant orange pigment that has been listed in the Colour Index (C.I.) as Pigment Orange 82. BASF will market the orange pigment under the tradename Sicopal Orange L 2430 for coatings applications and Sicopal Orange K 2430 for plastics applications. The pigment has high hiding power, is resistant to chemicals and weathering, and is stable to heat. This technical profile makes Sicopal Orange suitable for a wide range of applications in the coatings and plastics industries. Uses range from alkaline silicate/silicone plaster finishes to color matching systems, and from powder and coil coating formulations to plastics such as polyolefins for film packaging and polyamide for fiber and injection molding applications.
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