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Wacker presents novel polymer systems for sustainable coating, construction and adhesive applications

By Tim Wright | March 31, 2009

At the European Coatings Show (ECS) Munich-based Wacker Group is appearing under the slogan “Inspired by Excellence.”

At the European Coatings Show (ECS) Munich-based Wacker Group is appearing under the slogan “Inspired by Excellence.” Wacker's focus is on sustainable product solutions from the fields of coatings, construction and adhesives.

Wacker is presenting two new Vinnapas polymer powders for complex, sustainable applications in the construction industry. The newly developed Vinnapas LL 4040 N is cationically stabilized. That makes one-component flexible sealing slurries easier to process. They are still convenient to process even if they contain large quantities of binders, as required for elastic and crack-resistant construction sealants. Other features include strong adhesion after prolonged water exposure and excellent crack bridging. With these benefits, Vinnapas LL 4040 N is ideal for applications such as sealing slurries for durable and sustainable.

The new Vinnapas 5014 F combines two functions in one, since it is not only a polymeric binder but also a superplasticizer. The new Vinnapas 5014 F increases the compound’s stability against excess water and reduces the shrinkage of cementitious mortars. The shear-thinning rheology of Vinnapas 5014 F improves pumping characteristics for machine application. It is ideal for formulating efficient, pumpable self-leveling compounds.

Another production innovation to be unveiled at ECS is Vinnapas SAF 72. This superplasticizer-free and solvent-free dispersion is easy to process and allows broad formulation latitude, since it can be combined with many different film-formers. Besides good processability andmechanical properties, it also features a unique rheology and water resistance. This dispersion is also free of ammonia, so there are no unpleasant odors when it is processed and used on alkaline substrates. Fast-drying Vinnapas SAF 72 is particularly suitable for tile-adhesive pastes (class D2 as per EN 12004) and primers.

Another highlight at this year’s ECS is a novel polymer for modifying spray concrete for applications in mining, tunneling and underground construction. As the tunnel is driven, the polymer-modified concrete is sprayed onto the walls to consolidate loose rock. It also provides a barrier against water seepage, and reduces the amount of superplasticizer required in the formulation. Since the polymer improves the concrete’s adhesion, there is less rebound when it is sprayed onto the tunnel wall. That reduces both material consumption and transportation and disposal costs. The new polymer as a result speeds up tunnel construction and reduces system costs.

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