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Oakland University Launches new Nanotech Institute

April 14, 2009

Oakland University Launches new Nanotech Institute
The new NanoTech Research & De­velopment Institute on the campus of Oakland University in Rochester, MI, has been launched and is expected to become a state, national and world leader in nanotechnology research. Dr. T.C. Yih, a nationally recognized leader in nanotechnology research will lead the NanoTech Institute as founding director. Dr. Yih who is also vice provost for research and a professor of engineering at Oakland University, is also coeditor-in-chief of the journal Nano­medicine: Nanotechnology, Bio­logy and Medicine, and co-editor of Micro and Nano Manipulations for Biomedical Applications.
“One of the ultimate goals of nanotechnology is to create functional materials, devices and systems through the control of matters at nanoscale, which-is at the atomic and molecular levels,” said Dr. Yih. “The emerging fields of nanotechnology are leading to unprecedented understanding and control over the fundamental building blocks of all physical objects.”

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