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vertec biosolvents

April 14, 2009

vertec biosolvents
introduces ELSOL
Vertec Biosolvents, Inc., a manufacturer of custom blends of biosolvents based primarily on ethyl lactate, fatty acid methyl esters, d-limonene and ethanol, has introduced the Elsol product line. Elsol is a line of patent pending products designed to directly replace petroleum solvents with sustainable, bio-based, HAPs free, carbon neutral solvents that are both employee and environmentally friendly. Elsol blends a 20%-30% increase in efficiency over petroleum solvents, making them ideal for formulation of both low and higher solids products, according to the company. Elsol products are biobased replacements for hazardous petroleum-based solvents, made from green, carbon neutral, sustainable biodegradable chemistry. More info: Vertec BioSolvents, (630) 960-0600; Web: www.vertecbiosolvents.com.

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