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PPG unveils latest wood flooring color trends, technologies

May 12, 2009

PPG unveils latest wood flooring color trends, technologies
PPG recently introduced its latest wood flooring color trends and technologies to more than 100 flooring manufacturers and buyers during a seminar in Shanghai.
Tom Irwin, business director of PPG Wood Coatings, Asia/Pacific, addressed a new macro trend among consumers during the seminar. “Living in the fast-paced, high-demand, high-technology era that is the 21st century, consumers are now more than ever turning to ‘green’ and natural-looking products,” Irwin said. “Our stylists present colors and designs that, according to in-depth research, consumers nowadays are seeking—colors that are at one with nature.”
Irwin said materials that appear to be handmade, undyed and unbleached, and colors found in nature such as off-whites, sandy and lineny tones, rock and soil hues, and brownish-greens are all popular choices for wood flooring.
Other colors increasing in popularity, Irwin said, include blues reminiscent of a clear sky or ocean water and inspired by environmentalism, as well as warmer metallic colors that liven up a room. Moreover, as globalism brings people ever closer to previously unfamiliar ethnic accent color palettes, tones such as Moroccan reds, glowing oranges, rosy pinks, sunny golden yellows and ancient turquoise are being used increasingly.
According to research, a desirable color is not considered a bonus anymore—it’s demanded. PPG Industrial Coatings offers the Trendcast program, which offers the latest trends in colors, effects and textures for a variety of markets, industries and products. The Trendcast kit was developed by the PPG Global Color Styling Team, which works closely with color and design organizations to drive and monitor emerging trends. Using tools in the Trendcast kit, PPG color stylists help manufacturers to choose colors, textures and other special effects that will achieve particular marketing and manufacturing objectives.
The latest PPG products for wood flooring include Easy-Clean UV Topcoat, Anti-Scratch UV Topcoat and Anti-Slip Topcoat.