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Cytec launches energy

June 16, 2009

Cytec launches energy
curable epoxides
Cytec Industries has launched UVACURE curing resins 1500 and 1550. This family of products is designed for energy curable applications where low shrinkage upon curing is critical for adhesion to difficult substrates. This cationic epoxide can be used in coatings for plastics and metals. The products are a high purity, low viscosity, cycloaliphatic di-epoxide, as well as a standard grade cycloaliphatic that undergo rapid polymerization when exposed to UV light in the presence of a cationic photoinitiator. UVACURE 1500 and 1550 are durable, solvent resistant and exhibit good adhesion to a variety of substrates, including plastics and metals, according to the company. More info: Cytec Industries, (973) 357-3100; E-mail: custinfo@cytec.com; Web: www.cytec.com.
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