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Trust Chem Grows its Pigments Business Globally

By Tim Wright | November 20, 2009

Trust Chem, founded in 1996 is a fast growing pigments manufacturer.

Trust Chem, founded in 1996 is a fast growing pigments manufacturer. It currently has four production sites; two that produce high performance pigments and two that produce medium pigments. All manufacturing is done in China, but the pigments are distributed globally.

"In 1996 we did $3 million in business and in 2008 we did over $100 million," said Zhi Li, board chairman of Trust Chem. "We very much want to be seen as the market leader for the pigments in China. We have become a global business with global service but what is most important is that we are offering local service."

Despite the challenging economy, Trust Chem sees a lot of opportunity. "A lot of our customers tell us they are serious about finding a Chinese pigment maker," said Wu Li, technical director senior engineer at Trust Chem. "We see this as opportunity, challenge and risk. The demand is there. In the past people have had the image of the Chinese pigment industry as offering low price and low quality products. We are looking to change that perception to low price and good quality. We try to provide quality customer service with limited overhead."

To meet this goal Trust Chem has invested in technology to develop and strengthen its manufacture of high performance pigments.

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