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Paliocrom Brilliant Orange from BASF

March 16, 2010

Paliocrom Brilliant Orange L 2850 is the first of a new generation of effect pigments from BASF. Exceptional brilliance and ultra-high chroma enable the creation of novel designs in the orange to red shade area. This pigment is based on iron-oxide-coated aluminum platelets of the thin silver dollar type, which have very fine particle size distribution. The resulting brilliance together with ultra-high chroma and lightness as well as excellent hiding power, offers scope for innovative styling options. With its pronounced flop characteristics (light/dark contrast) and strong sparkle, the product allows subtle variations in coatings design. Paliocrom Brilliant Orange L 2850 is suitable for both solvent- and water-based systems. Its main applications are high-performance automotive coatings and industrial coatings for computers, telecommunications equipment and electrical appliances.

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