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Rhodia Introduces Rhodoline OTE Additives

April 6, 2010

Rhodia has introduced Rhodoline OTE, APE-free and zero-VOC additives that extend waterborne coating open time two to four fold and enables the formulation of highly performing low- to zero-VOC coatings. This low odor eco-friendly solution has been developed to design sustainable coatings, being compliant with Green Seal (GS-11) or EU eco-label requirement. Increasing open time gives painters more time to work overlays seamlessly or touch up paint to correct imperfections such as drips and brush marks. In addition, Rhodoline OTE provides other high performance benefits. For instance, it enhances gloss, boosts stain and scrub resistance and delivers freeze-thaw stability. Rhodoline OTE is an easy-to-use solution for formulators, suitable for a wide range of polymer binders including acrylic, styrene acrylic, vinyl acrylic and ethylene vinyl acetate.

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