Sansin Introduces Purity Interior Zero VOC Penetrating Stain

April 6, 2010

Sansin Corporation has introduced its new Purity Interior Zero VOC Pen­etrating Stain, a water-based interior wood stain with a base free from any VOCs that penetrates both soft and hard woods with consistent, uniform coverage, according to the company. It is available at participating dealers or can be shipped direct from a nearby dealer location. With Purity Interior Zero VOC stain, customers can apply the stain directly to any wood without purchasing and applying wood conditioners, requiring less stain to deliver vibrant and even wood saturation with little to no odor and zero VOCs. The new product delivers the following features: zero VOCs; little to no odor; ease of application, with the choice of a wipe or spray stain; fast dry time, allowing coating with Sansin’s interior clears after only 15 minutes; minimum pigment transfer upon top coating; and excellent penetration, lapping performance, and uniform appearance, even on maple. It is available in a new line of Micro-Fine Colors, called Eco-Tones, which deliver the vibrancy and richness of dyes without the high toxicity, the company said.

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