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Nubiola Expands Production Capacity of Ultramarine Violets and Pinks

September 2, 2010

Nubiola will expand production at Spanish site by 30 percent.

Pigment supplier Nubiola is set to expand capacity of its ultramarine violets and pinks by 30 percent at its Llodio production plant in Basque Country, Spain. The expansion will be achieved by installing new equipment that operates with Nubiola’s proprietary manufacturing technology and is scheduled to be fully operational in early 2011. This investment strengthens the position of the Llodio plant as a “Center of Excellence” for the production of high added value ultramarines specialties.

“Ultramarine violets and pinks are key products in many of our customers' applications," said Alex Capuz, Nubiola’s global marketing manager. "Market demand has grown significantly in recent years and we want to ensure that our production capacity is sufficient in avoiding any supply tightness that could affect the operations of our customers. This additional capacity is a key step forward we want to take as a responsible ultramarines leader."