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MesoCoat’s Nanocomposite Cermet Coatings Selected as a Top Technology

October 5, 2010

MesoCoat Inc.’s PComP nanocomposite cermet coatings have been identified and selected as a breakthrough nanotechnology of potential benefit to the oil and gas exploration and production industry by EPNanoNet. MesoCoat Inc.’s CEO, Andrew Sherman participated in the first EPNanoNet webinar on Sept 28th, briefing leading oil and gas industry members on the company’s nanocomposite coating solutions for extending equipment life and operational envelopes in extreme environments. This is the first in a series of “Nanotechnology for E&P” webinars to be hosted by EPNanoNet, and MesoCoat was chosen as one potentially stand-out technology over a highly competitive pool of nanotechnology-based solutions companies and technologies to participate in this flagship event. EPNanoNet was launched in 2008 with the mission of accelerating the development and uptake of nanotechnology within the upstream oil and gas exploration and production industry. MesoCoat’s PComP nanocomposite cermet family of coatings incorporate solid lubricant and other ceramic nanoparticles into a hard, tough, extremely durable coating system that is used to protect metal parts from wear and corrosion in extreme environments, such as those encountered in the E&P industry. The PComP coatings are applied using thermal spray, and provide up to 10 times life extension over carbide and hard chrome coatings in sliding wear applications because of extremely low coefficients of friction combined with high hardness. The nanocomposite coatings also provide improvements in ductility, toughness and spallation resistance compared to ceramic coatings such as diamond like carbon, tungsten carbide, or alumina-ceramic, and are easier and faster to apply and grind than conventional, larger grain size coating materials.

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