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New Ultrablend Dispenser Melds Small Size, Speed, Precision

October 14, 2010

The UltraBlend XE uses less floor space while maintaining efficiency and productivity.

Colorant dispenser and mixer manufacturer Ultrablend has introduced the UltraBlend XE automatic dispenser. Ideal for smaller stores, the XE can be used as a backup unit or for running specialty dispensing jobs in bigger stores that already have large capacity dispensers.

“We built the XE precisely with the smaller store in mind,” said Carlos Salas, CEO of Ultrablend. “We looked at our popular line of larger dispensing machines and realized that stores doing fewer paint sales over the course of a year still needed the precision of larger stores. In fact, smaller stores have more at risk financially and with their reputations if they make mistakes during tinting using manual machines. Now they have an automated option that reduces mistakes while speeding up production.”

At 32 inches x 32 inches, the UltraBlend XE measures a smaller footprint than one manual dispenser. It is capable of simultaneously dispensing up to 16 colorants and is accurate up to 1/768 fluid ounce (+/- 2%). Programmable automatic agitation prevents colorant settling or separation and it accommodates any size container from ½ pint up to five gallons. The XE has a canister capacity of up to 16 three-quart canisters, is zero-VOC and low-VOC compatible and offers a humidifying nozzle with automatic the Auto-Cap and SmartChamber humidification system to prevent nozzle drying and the need for special cleaning tools.

All of Ultrablend’s equipment is also web-enabled, which allows the company to remotely diagnose and in most cases repair any problems that arise, as well as upload color formulation databases as they are regularly updated.

Information about other Ultrablend dispensing and mixing units is available at www.ultrablend.com.