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Celanese Debuts EcoVAE 501 and Avicor Emulsions for Architectural Coatings

December 21, 2010

New emulsions help paint manufacturers balance performance, marketing and economic goals.

Celanese Emulsion Polymers introduced a new line of water-based polymer emulsions, Avicor, and added a new member to its EcoVAE brand of emulsions for environmentally-friendly paints. The two new products, Avicor 601 and EcoVAE 501, each offer critical performance attributes to low VOC, architectural coatings. The paint manufacturer can also blend the two resins together to balance the performance, marketing and economic characteristics of their formulas. Together, EcoVAE 501 and Avicor 601 can be a platform for a wide variety of contractor and DIY flat and non-flat paint formulas. EcoVAE 501 is designed for flat through semi-gloss paints to help meet regulatory requirements such as VOC levels below 50 g/L, APE-free and the ability to achieve green certifications. Coupled with Avicor 601, this vinyl acetate/ethylene (VAE) emulsion meets critical scrub, stain and block resistance and good wet and dry adhesion required in semi-gloss paints. Avicor 601, the first product introduced in the new line, is a 100 percent acrylic emulsion designed for excellent performance in architectural paints across the entire gloss spectrum. This APE-free emulsion has a low viscosity and fine particle size that offers very good adhesion and block resistance in flat through semi-gloss paints. Avicor 601 is unique as it is designed to be blended with Celanese’s vinyl-based resins such vinyl acetate/ethylene (VAE) and vinyl acrylic products to achieve the best possible results.

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