DuPont launches standoblue waterborne basecoat

January 17, 2011

Standox has introduced Standoblue waterborne basecoat, a premium waterborne paint that helps meet strict environmental guidelines, represents the highest standards of quality and offers the advantages of a continuous application process. Using a continuous application process, Standoblue delivers results with a 1.5-coat application process, enabling refinishers to apply paint continuously without the need to flash between coats so they can concentrate completely on the quality of the job without any interruptions. Colors match the first time and dry quickly to a hard surface, ensuring color consistency. To aid in color matching, new fan decks have been produced using a Standox Standoblue basecoat/clearcoat process that is nearly identical to vehicle application. The largest in the industry, these fan decks are organized in chromatic order by manufacturer for added convenience. Standox offers comprehensive classroom and hands-on training, as well as ongoing technical support, to guide master craftsmen in producing the best results with Standoblue.