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Elementis offers TINT-AYD AQ colorants and tinting system

January 20, 2011

Elementis Specialties now offers Tint-Ayd AQ colorants and Tinting System. This latest generation tinting system is available as ready-made colorants and comes with a unique flexibility that allows customers to make the Tint-Ayd AQ colorants themselves. Tint-Ayd AQ is an aqueous tinting system, based on a dual humectant technology and is part of Elementis’s third generation VOC compliant architectural tinting systems for decorative coatings and aqueous industrial coatings. Besides the ready-made Tint-Ayd AQ colorants, Elementis offers the unique option for customers to produce these colorants in-house via working formulations. All the AQ colorants can be made with three base additives: Nuosperse AQ 100, AQ 200 and AQ 300. Nuosperse AQ 100 - is a liquid carrier, humectant and pigment wetting and dispersing agent replacing traditional glycols and dispersing agents in VOC compliant aqueous colorants. It is used as dispersing medium and open time agent reducing the tendency of the colorant to dry out during storage or in tinting machines. Nuosperse AQ 100 is primarily based on polymeric surface active ingredients. Nuosperse AQ 200 - is a unique liquid hydrophobic humectant, typically used in combination with Nuosperse AQ 100. It prevents too quick drying of colorants in production and tinting machines. It also stabilizes the viscosity of tinted paints and has significantly less influence on water resistance properties of paints, compared to most traditional colorants. Nuosperse AQ 300 - is a liquid co-dispersant used in combination with Nuosperse AQ 100 and Nuosperse AQ 200. It reduces the pigment grind viscosity and allows an optimized pigment loading. The dispersing agent is typically used for those pigments that require extra wetting. More info: Elementis Specialties, Web: www.elementis.com

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