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MesoCoat signs agreement with Petrobras

February 2, 2011

Will develop CermaClad process for CRA application.

MesoCoat, Inc., has signed an agreement with Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (Petrobras), to develop and qualify MesoCoat's CermaClad process for the application of CRA (corrosion resistant alloys) to the internal and external surfaces of pipes using proprietary high density infrared (HDIR) lamp technology. It is in the interest of both Petrobras and MesoCoat to promote such activities. MesoCoat's CermaClad technology utilizes a high intensity light source, which is effectively an artificial sun captured in a quartz and aluminum reflector to rapidly fuse CRA, metal and ceramic coatings on steel pipes, plates and bars. CermaClad is a high speed cladding process that clads 15-100 times faster, is cheaper and offers better metallurgical properties than the competitive weld or laser cladding processes, according to the company. The speed of this process would ensure that metal cladding can match the line speed of steel mills, and reduce lead times for clad pipes and tubes by 75-80 percent. The CermaClad application process and nanocomposite cladding materials primarily address the metal cladding market which is utilized to protect large surface areas against highly caustic and corrosive environments. CermaClad™ addresses the needs of the rapidly growing $3.8 billion global cladding market. Experts estimate that a less expensive, and faster cladding process will increase the global metal cladding market by 100% in the next three years to $7.6 billion, this increase will be driven by significant investments being made by oil and gas companies in deep water projects.