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New technology solutions for the rail industry from BASF

February 2, 2011

Polyurethane systems business unit addresses expansion and maintenance challenges.

BASF has introduced four new technology solutions to support the global rail industry—Elastotrack, Elastollan, Elastocoat and Elasturan rail solutions. As a global platform to support the rail sector and its customers, BASF Polyurethane Systems has set out to change how the rail industry addresses maintenance and expansion challenges. BASF exclusive polyurethane systems and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) products are used in a variety of rail solutions. Elastotrack is a two-component polyurethane system that, when applied to ballast stones, prevents shifting or movement from the dynamic force of passing trains. Elastollan excels in every standard measure of polyurethane performance, offering superior compression set, weather and abrasion resistance, load-bearing and damping qualities, and hydrolytic stability when utilized for railway pads. Elastocoat permanently protects rail structures from corrosion and abrasion, keeping pH levels accurate while adding strength to existing metal structures. Elasturan, a damping elastomer, provides noise insulation, increases durability and minimizes railroad maintenance costs. The benefits of BASF rail solutions include reduced maintenance costs, reduced potential for derailments, improved environmental performance and a quieter, more comfortable ride for passengers, the company said.

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