Fire coating boasts two-hour protection

March 11, 2011

Fire protection coatings manufacturer Leighs Paints has developed what it touts as a “one-product solution” that provides fire protection for up to 120 minutes. Two new coatings—Firetex FX1002 for onsite application and Firetex FX2002 for shop application—can provide a range of effective protection times for underlying steel, depending on the thickness applied, the manufacturer said. The company says the products simplify the fire estimation and specification process and reduce the risks involved during application. A higher fire rating can be achieved by increasing the amount of coating applied, rather than changing the product completely, which saves time and money. Firetex products have been used on 2012 Olympic structures, Heathrow T5, Bayer Leverkussens Bay Arena and the Shard of Glass in London.

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