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Dow Coating Materials launches Evoque Pre-Composite Polymer Technology

March 23, 2011

New technology increases TiO2 efficiency, improves hiding and enhances barrier properties.

Dow Coating Materials has introduced Evoque Pre-Composite Polymer Technology, a new development designed to maximize hiding potential of architectural paints that rely on TiO2, which has been stretched to its limits in terms of hiding efficiency and supply. Evoque works by improving the particle distribution and light scattering efficiency of TiO2, which allows for better hiding and up to 20 percent less TiO2 used in the formulation. Additional benefits include improved barrier properties such as stain and corrosion resistance. The technology may also help formulators reduce the carbon footprint on their end products by reducing the energy footprint that comes from mining, processing and transporting TiO2 to their formulation plants. DCM is currently conducting life cycle analysis, which will be verified by a third party, to quantify the full spectrum of sustainability advantages that may result from using this new technology. Dow expects full commercialization of Evoque Pre-Composite Polymer Technology during the third quarter of 2011, with rapid expansion of the line in 2012. Visit DCM on the web at