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Croda Coatings and Polymers launches Priplast 3238 and 3286

April 5, 2011

Bio-based building blocks for high performance green polyurethanes.

Croda’s Priplast Range of polyester polyols are highly renewable, bio-based materials, allowing formulators to create environmentally-friendly, high performance polyurethanes with improved performance. This range is now further expanded with the launch of two new Priplast grades, Priplast 3238 and Priplast 3286. The 100 percent bio-based Priplasts offer increased renewability for green polyurethanes. In laboratory testing, both Priplast 3238 and 3286 offered excellent durability and moisture repellency, as compared to other polyols on the market, the company said. In durability testing, the Priplast materials were able to maintain over 90 percent of their tensile strength, outperforming PTMEG and HDO-adipate, according to the company. They were also shown to exhibit lower uptake of water in moisture repellency testing, as compared to four other competitive polyols. The 100 percent bio-based Priplasts offer durability; resistance to hydrolysis and thermo-oxidation; moisture repellency; flexibility; rubber-like behavior with no strain hardening; low temperatures; excellent flow properties; and 100 percent renewable content