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Chemark Consulting launches "3 Steps to Your Future"

April 7, 2011

New program designed to help closely held businesses reach their aspirations in a more competitive and complex world.

According to Chemark Consulting, closely held companies are going to be at a significant disadvantage coming out of the Great Recession operating in a business environment where capital is tight, uncertainty remains high, complexity is increasing and large competitors are flush with cash.

To help closely held companies surmount these issues, take advantage of the recovery and reach their goals, Chemark Consulting’s Ira S. Miller, VP, Enterprise Transformation, has developed a three-step program.

The 3 Steps to Your Future program includes:

1. Understanding company goals.

2. Performing a diagnostic that will address one or more of the following:
    a. Reveal the true leverage potential of the business;
    b. Benchmark the business against similar, privately held businesses; and
    c. Evaluate critical elements of the business process.

3. Sharing proven models and approaches from multiple industries gained through decades of experience as a senior executive. Some commonly discussed areas include:
    a. Releasing cash that is currently tied up in the balance sheet;
    b. Improving the effectiveness of the company's distribution system;
    c. Increasing the leadership capabilities of the management team.

This program is designed for firms that are wrestling with business issues and want to find a path to overcome them. Being open and willing to talk about goals is essential to the program's success. To be accepted in the program, business volume must exceed $10 million annually and the business must be operating for at least three years.

This program is not designed for companies looking for a silver bullet to fix issues and whose financial statements do not accurately represent the activity of the business, i.e., they include personal expense items.

Chemark will invest up to one hour in a Preliminary Session. For more information please call Ira Miller at 910-246-0983 or John Phillips at 910-692-2492 to set up an initial phone meeting. Ira will answer any questions and set up a convenient time for the Preliminary Session. Visit Chemark on the web at

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