Cortec unveils EcoPrimer

May 9, 2011

Cortec Corporation has introduced EcoPrimer, a premium quality primer formulated from renewable materials. This core shell acrylic modified alkyd is the first coating to combine a bio-based coating formulation with Cortec’s corrosion inhibiting chemistry. EcoPrimer provides adhesion to metal substrates and corrosion resistance in most environments to provide protection. The water-based formulation makes it easier to comply with environmental regulations governing solvents and VOC limits. It may be applied by spray or brush. A film thickness of 1.5-4.0 dry mils (37.5-100 microns) is recommended. The coating dries to touch in 20-30 minutes and is fully cured in seven days. Topcoats can be applied between 30 minutes and eight hours after EcoPrimer is applied, depending upon the type of topcoat and drying conditions.

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