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Dow Coating Materials Launches eXposure Vision Viewer

June 16, 2011

Dow Coating Materials (DCM) has launched eXposure Vision Viewer, an on-line system that puts exposure station test panels within easy view. The system builds on DCM’s patented eXposure Vision digital imaging and analysis system. Through a secured login website, eXposure Vision Viewer gives Dow customers access to test panel images in high resolution. Updated images are posted bi-monthly and archived for future reference and comparison.  

“Exterior paint prototypes are developed in the lab, but they are proven on the test fence where they are directly exposed to the great outdoors,” said John Calderaio, Dow Exposure station manager. “It’s Mother Nature’s ultimate litmus test—there is no substitute.”

To accommodate a variety of climates, weather patterns and even pollutant levels, Dow operates a global network of exposure stations. In addition to panel readings conducted by trained specialists, test ratings at selected locations are supplemented with eXposure Vision, a high-throughput digital imaging and analysis system developed by Dow. eXposure Vision employs an automated, six-camera system coupled with software algorithms to measure and rate key exterior performance characteristics, from cracks to flaking and tint retention to yellowing.