Specialty Coating Systems introduces SCS Parylene C-UVF(TM) conformal coating

June 16, 2011

Specialty Coating Systems has introduced a new technology, SCS Parylene C-UVF(TM), a coating that fluoresces under a specific spectrum of UV light, enabling customers to identify and verify that their components are protected with SCS Parylene. Traditional Parylene coatings are ultra-thin and optically clear, making identification of coated components difficult, the company said. SCS Parylene C-UVF coatings are formed when a special compound is incorporated into the deposition process. The resultant coating is still ultra-thin, optically clear and maintains the same electrical, mechanical and physical properties of SCS Parylene C, but it fluoresces under UV light, a characteristic that companies in the military, defense and aerospace industries rely on to ensure their components are protected with Parylene.