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Celanese Emulsions dedicates expanded VAE plant in China

June 23, 2011

Company committed to customers, continued growth in Asia.

The Emulsion Polymers business of Celanese Corporation dedicated its expanded vinyl acetate/ethylene (VAE) unit in Nanjing, China. The expansion, which doubles the original capacity of the VAE unit, came online in the second quarter. “This VAE unit expansion is a reflection of Celanese’s commitment to the further development of vinyl-based emulsion solutions spanning a broad range of end use applications including areas such as low VOC and low odor paints with our EcoVAE binder, specialty adhesives and building and construction applications," said Phillip McDivitt, general manager Celanese Emulsion Polymers.

“Celanese has shown a strong commitment to China and Asia with its continued investments here in Nanjing and across the region," said Josh Cheng, president, Celanese China. "There are now eight units here at the Celanese Nanjing Chemical Complex and more are planned at this facility, which is already Celanese’s largest complex in the world."

In addition to its manufacturing investments, Celanese also opened the Celanese Shanghai Commercial and Technology Center (CSCT) earlier this year. The CSCT houses hundreds of employees to service customers in China and throughout Asia both on a business and technical level.

A traditional lion dance including dotting of the eyes was performed during the opening ceremony to bring good luck and fortune to the new facility and business according to traditional Chinese folklore. At the facility, Celanese makes acetic acid from coal. The acid is then converted into vinyl acetate monomer or VAM, which is the main building block for the VAE emulsions. 

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