Dunn-Edwards introduces Aristowall
 premium interior enamel

July 13, 2011

Dunn-Edwards has introduced Aristowall, a premium interior enamel product line that has the performance of traditional oil-based paint but the added convenience of water cleanup. What gives Aristowall the application and appearance characteristics of an oil-based paint is its advanced waterborne alkyd technology. Aristowall is a water-oil hybrid product that is ideal for interior walls, trim, molding, cabinets, doors, kitchens, baths and high traffic areas. It provides excellent adhesion, hide, block resistance, scrub resistance and reduced yellowing, according to the company. Aristowall also has a balance of flow and leveling and sag resistance and has excellent open time. Like all other Dunn-Edwards products, Aristowall is eco-friendly and ethylene glycol (EG)-free.  The resin used in this formula uses the latest green technology made from renewable resources. Aristowall is ultra-low VOC at 50 grams/liter, and has very low odor both during and after application.