International Paint launches Intergard 7020 pure epoxy coating

July 13, 2011

International Paint has introduced Intergard 7020, a new dedicated cargo hold coating for all bulk carrier types. Specially designed for operators who don’t need or cannot justify the investment in the highest performing cargo hold coatings, Intergard 7020 offers good abrasion resistance and long term corrosion protection combined with many of the features normally associated with more expensive products.

Available in red and grey, Intergard 7020 is an aluminum containing, low VOC, pure epoxy coating which can be applied to surfaces prepared to a minimum of Sa2. Applicable at temperatures between -50C and +350C the product has a smooth, glossy, easy clean surface, is grain certified and is ready to carry even the harshest cargoes after only 10 days cure.

The product range now includes Interbond 201, a surface tolerant, modified epoxy, cargo hold coating with a long in service history, new Intergard 7020, Intershield 803, an abrasion resistant pure epoxy coating with an excellent track record and Intershield 803Plus, our toughest ever cargo hold coating with exceptional impact and abrasion resistance, which was introduced last year.