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"Efficient Industrial Floor Marking: A Guide To Best Practices" published by

July 21, 2011

Free 16-page booklet offers insight into marking industrial floors.

InSite Solutions has published "Efficient Industrial Floor Marking: A Guide To Best Practices." The 16-page booklet is currently available as a free download at

The floor marking guide explains various methods for marking industrial floors, like in factories and warehouses. It focuses on techniques like aisle marking that increase workplace safety and organization. The methods described in the guide focus on the most efficient ways for both installation and maintenance, and offers suggestions on how to save money and manpower in the process.

Many different sectors can benefit from the information presented in this guide. InSite Solutions has helped mark facilities in various industries using this information, including factories, warehouses, hospitals, schools, body shops, grocery stores and distribution centers. The floor marking techniques offered in this guide are particularly appealing to facilities that utilize Lean Manufacturing and 5S Programs, because they emphasize continual improvement and ease of maintenance, the company says. Regardless of the type of facility, the guide explains ways to cut costs and work towards a more efficient and comprehensive system for routine floor marking.

One feature of the floor marking guide is a Floor Marking Safety Color Code, which functions as a stand alone printout that can be posted to help facilities comply with OSHA's floor marking regulations. The guide also discusses how to keep facilities compliant with OSHA's standards for aisle marking.

The information in the guide is based largely on the experience of InSite Solutions owner and founder Cliff Lowe. With over 15 years of experience in the traffic marking industry, Lowe is an expert in traffic marking solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications. He holds a patent for an innovative line marking tape, as well as a patent for custom designed pavement marking materials. Lowe is also the creator Superior Mark & Last Mark floor marking tapes.

InSite Solutions offers free samples of Superior Mark, and advises companies on cost effective floor marking solutions. For more information, contact Cliff Lowe by phone at 1-866-284-1541, or visit