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Lubrizol to open testing facility in China

July 22, 2011

Will work in close cooperation with Jilin University.

The Lubrizol Corporation plans to expand its additives testing capabilities with a new technical services laboratory initially based on the campus of Jilin University in Zhuhai, Guandong, China.

The lubricant and fuels market in China is growing at a rapid pace, in line with the expanding domestic automobile industry. 

"Our investment in testing capabilities in China and throughout Asia is significant because it will allow us to collaborate and improve the quality and efficiency of our work on a highly global scale," said Phil Shore, Lubrizol vice president of testing.

The testing laboratory in Zhuhai will offer advanced technical services for lubricant and fuel additive customers and OEMs in China. Capabilities will encompass a full menu of services including additive and lubricant blending, physical and chemical analyses and performance testing. Plans are also in place for a used lubricant analysis lab to support the company's synthetic-based compressor lubricant business in the region.

Tsung-Fei Tang, vice president, Lubrizol Additives, China, said that situating the new facility on the Jilin University campus is beneficial for both organizations. "We are pleased to have this unique opportunity to work closely with Jilin University," he said. "Not only will this modern, high-tech lab bring valuable services to our customers in China, but we will be able to build relationships with talented local students who may serve as Lubrizol interns and possibly as future Lubrizol employees. We intend to work closely with the university in a collaborative style to progress joint projects and other activities."

In addition to advanced lab facilities, Lubrizol will have access to the university's common areas and shared services.

Initially, a lab manager and several technical staff are expected to work in the new additives laboratory. Many of these individuals will receive extensive training at Lubrizol's existing technical service facilities in the U.S. and Europe. The new technical facility will be linked to the rest of Lubrizol's global R&D and testing system through its advanced computer network, providing immediate, 24-hour access to global data in support of customers.

The new additives laboratory builds on Lubrizol's long established presence in Asia and will support Lubrizol's ongoing sales and manufacturing efforts in the region. In 2010, Lubrizol announced the construction of a new lubricant additive production facility in the Zhuhai Gaolan Port Economic Zone, located within 20 miles of the Jilin University campus. The new manufacturing site in Zhuhai will also provide opportunities for future expansion of laboratory infrastructure in China.

"Lubrizol is indebted to Zhuhai College of Jilin University, without whom we could not have achieved this excellent laboratory expansion", continued Tang. "While our plans include the eventual transition of our laboratory testing capabilities to our new plant, we look forward to a lasting relationship with the university in areas such as technical collaboration and employee recruiting." Construction on the new technical services laboratory at Jilin University has begun and the lab is expected to be functional in the third quarter of 2011.

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