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Dow Microbial Control introduces low-VOC antimicrobial for architectural paints

August 15, 2011

Dow Microbial Control has launched Bioban 200 antimicrobial, a new generation low-VOC paint film fungicide. Bioban 200 antimicrobial is designed for the protection of paint films against fungal attack. In addition to providing excellent protection against surface molds and mildew on the paint film, the product also displays biocidal activity against algae and bacteria, according to the company. The active ingredient in Bioban 200 antimicrobial is 4,5-dichloro-2-n-octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one, which is the same active ingredient used in the industry-proven Rozone 2000 antimicrobial and Rocima 200 antimicrobial. It provides the same broad-spectrum activity with improved ease of formulation and similarly can be used in both exterior and interior applications. Bioban 200 antimicrobial is primarily designed for use in water-based systems; however, it can also be used in solvent-based systems depending on its compatibility with the final product and its packaging.